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Message: Head of School

Category: Uncategorised Published: Saturday, 02 August 2014
Message: Head of School



ASIS is very glad to let you know that we are starting some extracurricular activities with the students to completely develop their whole personality. The student’s entire personality covering the five spheres of life such as physical, mental, emotional, social and cultural is the focus of the school’s entire Academic year program this 2014-2015.

The early morning activities of the students starts with a Physical Exercises altogether to feel the warmth and togetherness with ASIS academic family to led by the ever energetic Teacher Lauren.  Teacher Lauren Szasz is a qualified Preschool Teacher from California, United States of America.  Teacher Lauren loves children and has enjoyed having fun with small kids.  She is a graduate of Marymont University, Los Angeles, California.  She has worked with Santa Monica Community College in Los Angeles, an ESL Teacher and she is a certified Montessori Montessori Teacher for Kindergarten and Primary. 


The Montessori activities for Kindergarten 1 is manned by Teacher Georgette .  Teacher George makes a class into a bunch of awesomely wonderful kids with her talent of dancing, sports, swimming and cooking.  Daily activities of the Montessori includes Life-long Learning of Early Practical Life where students learned the household chores such as pouring juice to glasses where students have fun after while drinking; buttoning shirts with their dolls; unlacing and lacing shoelace, placing table mats, arranging flowers and many more interesting household chores. 

Comprehension of the children developed through sensorial activities through touch, sight, feeling and hearing.

The Grade 1 is having fun with their cooking activities and menu preparation.  They learned to prepare food of different countries.  They also immersed themselves with the beauty of  different cultures adapted during celebration of Chinese New Year. 

ASIS have more upcoming activities in this school year 2014-2015.  Watch them!!! Join and Enjoy with us in our exploration of the beauty of life!
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