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We at ASIS

Member, Association Montessori Internationale

The ADVANCED STAMFORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was conceived to serve excellent education of Integrated discipline which is a combination of Montessori-Conventional  Approach to Education. 
The School is a registered private school which is situated at #40, Street 570, Boeung Kok II, Khan Toul Kouk, Phnom Penh Cambodia.  The school will be operating from 7:30am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, with a wide range of enrichment programs at flexible time. 

The Advanced Stamford International School provides students ages 2.5 - 6 years old, with a specialized form of education that was developed into different approaches of education with the  philosophy of “whole child approach” that encourages not only cognitive learning, social skills, and physical coordination, but also emotional growth, independent learning and development of self-esteem; a prepared environment designed to create self-directed learning, and are created to be multi-sensory, sequential and self correcting for a child to master various skills and understanding of abstract concepts; and teachers who function as facilitators and role models and keenly observes children’s behavior and growth.  This teaching method has become extremely popular over the last one hundred (100) years to 7000 Integrated-Montessori schools proliferating and operating worldwide.  The entire School is run by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS headed by Mrs. CHHAY LEAKENA as Chairman and manage by the Principal Dr. Salvacion Dequito, PhD in education, with more than 20 years experience in the field of education, and qualified and competent educators in their own line of specialization. It has special program of parents’ education for them to collaborate with the school’s activities and functions. Community outreach programs also formed part of the school’s function in the fulfillment of its social responsibilities.

Opening of New Term III for 2014



ASIS welcomes you to the New Year and is pleased to inform you that we have prepared a new bunch of activities, fun, camaraderie, learning experience, exploration of new things, innovations, creativity and socialization.

To ASIS parents, we would like you to take note of the activities posted below for school year 2014.  Schools business has started January 2, 2014 and our office staff are continually serving you.  Our academic staff had their “do” days by cleaning and preparing classrooms and the entire building for the school opening.  Our Teaching Staff are preparing for the forthcoming Teachers’ Training Program focused on Children Behavior Management and Classroom Management and Gender Sensitivity.  School has officially opened on January 8, 2014 for the third term.

The Third Term ushered to more enrollment coming in and catering multi level curriculum of Toddlers (1.5-2.5); K1 (2.5-3.5); K2 (3.5-4.5); Pre-K3 &K3(4.5-till 7.0); Grade 1 (7.0-8.0).  Special Programs are offered as scheduled such as ESL (English as a Special Language; Khmer; Chinese; Drawing and Painting; Music; Swimming and Tutorial).  For further details please see the administration office of ASIS.

ASIS Competitions for this year 2014-2015 are as follows:

  • Spelling Bee Contest
  • Comprehensive Reading Contest
  • Kids Got Talent
  • Drawing Competition, Second Level

Dates of the competition are found in our calendar of activities below and

other dates which are not posted, shall be announced on the website.  You are invited and keep following ASIS!

New physical activities will be introduced to the students of Kindergarten and Primary once a week to introduce Physical Education starting January 20, 2014.  We will also start our flag ceremony every Monday morning at 8:00AM and our flag retreat every Friday afternoon at 4:00PM to instill to our children the value of respect, love and patriotism to our country Cambodia.

Values Orientation for Kindergarten and Primary were mandated and infused in the circle time and first hour warming exercises &activities.

Teachers Team Building activity is scheduled to enhance camaraderie, harmonious relationship and good working environment.

We would like to highlight to you the school’s important events to keep you inform.  The following are our line-up activities and events for 2014:

  • January 3                   Opening of New Term III
  • January 20                 Teachers’ Training on Children Behavior Management, Classroom Management and Gender Sensitivity
  • January 30                 Students’ Chinese New Year Activity
  • February 14                Valentine’s Day & Art Exhibit
  • March 18-19               Primary School Examination
  • March 24                    End of Term III
  • March 26                    Card Day for Term III
  • March 28                    Students’ Educational Trip
  • March 31                   Start of Term IV
  • April 30                       Kids Got Talent
  • May 1-3                      Teachers’ Team Building Activity
  • May 8                          Mother’s Day Arts and Craft
  • May 9                          Mother’s Day Celebration
  • May 16                                    Family Sport and Fun Day
  • May 23                                    Spelling Bee Contest
  • June 2                         Enrollment for Summer Class
  • June 6                         Student’s Field Trip (Dreamland)
  • June 13                       Father’s Day Arts and Craft
  • June 14                       Father’s Day Celebration
  • June 17-18                  Primary School Examination
  • June 24                       Card Day for Term IV
  • June 25                       Awarding for Performers of AY 2013-2014
  • June 26-27                  Summer Break/Teacher’s Retraining
  • June 30                       Start of Summer Class


New School Calendar  2014-2015 with activities and events will follow and let you be informed.

Wishing you the best of the New Year!

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